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Complete production chain support


  • Classification of plastic waste
  • Recovery of heterogeneous plastics
  • Secondary raw materials


  • Design
  • Mechanical construction
  • Processing plant  testing


  • Production process assistance
  • Global Service productive assistance
  • Service maintenance assistance
  • Supply of long-term rental plants


  • Product modelling
  • Mould design
  • Mould making
  • Product certification


  • New eco-sustainable machinery
  • New eco-friendly products
  • New emerging markets
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Mixed heterogeneous plastics – Secondary raw materials

(UNI 10667-16 – Mixtures of heterogeneous polyolefin plastic materials)

The Roteax machines can be supplied both with homogenous polyolefins (PP-LDPE-HDPE) and with a mixture of heterogeneous polyolefins (UNI 10667-16)

After performing a series of tests and acquiring production experience, Plaxtech has developed three bases of heterogeneous plastic mixtures with polyolefin base UNI 10667-16, which can be used according to the characteristics of the desired products.

Eco-re-mix (ecological recycling mixtures) is a tested product from Plaxtech.

Services 3


Mixed heterogeneous plastics – Secondary raw materials

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The low pressure injection

The heterogeneous plastic mixture, suitably homogenised and fluidised in the mixer plasticator, is injected into the especially designed mould through a special multi-nozzle system.

The degassing system allows to extract the exceeding gases present in the plastic mixture thereby obtaining a multi-cell product.

The large size of the hot channels and of the special nozzles for removing risers allows the injection with the low-pressure technique.

200 bars are sufficient for an injection process with low energy consumption and low wear and tear.


Engineering of products for new markets

Plaxtech, by engineering special and complex products made for the logistics sector, has developed its own simulation know-how able to develop and structure new products in order to test them before designing and constructing the final moulds for the object.

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Italian design for the “Green Products”

Green design for many Italian designers who develop the “green products”, which are considered not only environmentally friendly but also as the product of the modern age.

Green designers create products which consume less energy and use fewer natural resources, products that can be easily recycled or reused and products that promote energy efficiency and the use of eco-friendly materials.

The social goals of green design aim at ensuring a sustainable future for our society both as far as the resources are concerned and with respect to health. In perspective, a sustainable future will be the result of the continuous development of technologies and knowledge, so that the future generations may overcome current problems.

Services 6


Italian design for the “Green Products”

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Turn-key production assistance

Besides the equipment, Plaxtech also provides its customers with a complete production chain service.

  • Supply of the most suitable plastic mixtures at frozen prices.
  • Machinery remote assistance.
  • Production remote assistance.
  • Study, planning, design and prototyping of new green products.
  • 3D design.
  • Flow and FEM analysis.
  • Mould design and making.
  • Green products standard certification.
  • Certification of products in compliance with the technical regulations.
  • On-line service of programmed machinery maintenance.
Services 9


Emergency maintenance service

The ROTEAX machines from PLAXTECH are designed to ensure a six-million-cycle production. The materials and components used for their construction were analysed individually to assess their life cycle, their wear and tear and the level of necessary maintenance.

From this analysis it was possible to determine the ordinary maintenance necessary to ensure the efficient operation of the machinery with 7,200 hours of work per year and the corresponding number of cycles that can reach 500,000 strokes.

Specially created software provides customers with the possibility to assess the equipment performance, hourly, daily or monthly productivity, as well as the status of the maintenance carried out (both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance), according to the chosen maintenance programme.

PLAXTECH will provide its customers with on-line assistance, both as far as maintenance services are concerned and with respect to emergency repair services in case of failures, as well as with assistance with regard to staff training also for any possible technological updates of the machines.

PLAXTECH believes that the delivery of the ROTEAX system is not the end of a construction path, but it is the beginning of a phase that accompanies and assists customers over the whole life cycle of the machinery that, with the suggested maintenance and updates, can continue to work at full efficiency.

Services 9


Emergency maintenance service