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The 10 strong points of the Plaxtech system

The Plaxtech system is the most innovative and advantageous proposal for the moulding of heterogeneous plastics on today’s market.

The PLAXTECH system is

  1. INNOVATIVE because it is an eco-sustainable closed cycle process, which makes no use of raw materials obtained from natural resources and allows to make eco-friendly products, completely recyclable within the same process, with high energy efficiency and halved production costs.
  2. UNIQUE because it is the first system on the market that transforms heterogeneous plastic waste into high quality products respecting the environment and in compliance with the technical regulations.
  3. COMPLETE as it is provided turn-key ready, including equipment, technologies, know-how, assistance, consulting, study and design of new products and raw materials.
  4. TESTED by means of long experiments and of the presence on the market of the plastic products made in years of excellent production.
  5. RELIABLE – as three years of process plant engineering have confirmed the stability of the production process and the quality of the plastic products has turned out to be long-lasting so as to drive customers to the constant purchase of the manufactured products.
  6. EFFICIENT because it is highly productive with low energy consumption.
  7. FLEXIBLE as it provides the possibility to simultaneously manufacture 4 products different in weight and size.
  8. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY over the whole process, from the recycled raw material used to the finished product obtained, making “green products” that – in compliance with the regulations in force – are 100% eco-friendly.
  9. COMPETITIVE: Plaxtech produces new products at very competitive prices thanks to the significant increase in productivity and to the low costs of the raw material used, which allow a cost reduction up to 50%.
  10. GOOD VALUE: thanks to the Italian law on over-amortization, the purchase of PLAXTECH technology allows not only to benefit from tax reductions but also to obtain financing from the EC because of its innovative and eco-sustainable technology with high energy efficiency.
Technology 3


The Roteax technology to fight the CRISIS

Roteax is a functional process:

  • low pressure of injection;
  • low strength of press closing;
  • low Energy consumption;
  • excellent mixing;
  • excellent plastication;
  • great production flexibility;
  • great production efficiency.

The ROTEAX technology developed by the PLAXTECH researchers makes use of heterogeneous polyolefin plastic materials with a wide range of workability that allows to process indistinctly different types of plastics safeguarding the quality of the finished product. The ROTEAX technology is the result of long research and is based on well-established and tested know-how.

The use of the PLAXTECH machine in a production cycle provides the following advantages:

  • High Productivity;
  • High Production Flexibility;
  • Eco-sustainable process;
  • Low cost of the raw materials used;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Very low production costs;
  • Excellent quality/price ratio of the products obtained;
  • New eco-friendly products
  • New emerging markets (GPP Green Public Procurement – Green Economy).

The low-pressure and low-temperature process allows to achieve higher production efficiency with significant cuts in energy consumption and reduced wear and tear.

Technology 3


The Roteax technology to fight the CRISIS

Technology 5


The ECO-SUSTAINABLE production process

Mould size “A”
1500 x 1500 x 1200/700 mm
Mould size “B”
1500 x 1500 x 700/200 mm
Mould weight up to 10,000 Kg
Manufacturable product
Width 1200
Length 1200
Height 700/200

FLEXIBILITY – It can mould simultaneously 4 products different in weight and shape.

Technology 6


The ECO-SUSTAINABLE production process

The PLAXTECH system employed in the production processes for the manufacture of new eco-friendly products allows the use of heterogeneous polyolefin plastic materials, with low purchase costs and not usable in the traditional injection moulding processes.

By using the PLAXTECH system, production becomes 100% eco-sustainable because a self-feeding closed cycle process is created.

As a consequence:

  • no use of virgin raw materials;
  • no waste production;
  • reduced energy consumption;
  • eco-sustainable process;
  • eco-friendly products.
Technology 6


The ECO-SUSTAINABLE production process

Technology 8


Fields of application of the eco-friendly products

The products which may be made with the ROTEAX technology, are included in the following fields of activity:

  • urban planning;
  • products for road engineering;
  • gardening products;
  • road and railway barriers (sound insulating barriers);
  • playgrounds and play facilities;
  • outdoor paving;
  • urban hygiene containers;
  • industrial packaging for goods handling;
  • products for nurseries;
  • products for the building industry.
Technology 9


The green product market, a growing market

The product from Plaxtech is defined by the Italian law as a “green product”.

The Italian laws currently in force oblige public bodies and companies with mainly public capital to cover their annual requirements of products and goods with an amount of products obtained from recycled materials not lower than 30% of the requirements themselves.

Therefore, a new and interesting market segment opens for the “green product”, a segment that at present is occupied by the products made with virgin materials, having an estimated potential demand of more than one billion Euros.

The “green products” manufactured with the PLAXTECH technology will be sold with characteristics and prices similar to those of the products made with the traditional virgin plastics.

Technology 9


The green product market, a growing market